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This section of the Employee Portal is designed for those who are Managers and Supervisors. Some of you who have access are not supervisors, but because of your responsibilities, we think that you can also benefit from the information in this section.

What You Can Expect
You will find a wealth of reference material as well as up-to-date government and business information that should be of interest to you in your role as a manager or supervisor, such as:

The Policies and Procedures Manual
This section will replace your blue Policies and Procedures Manual binder.  Use only this section when researching current policy information because we will no longer update your blue binders with hard copies of the policies.

Management Forms
Many forms that you regularly use, will be housed here in PDF format. When these forms are updated, or new forms are added, they will appear here first.  You can download the forms and use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open, print, and fill them out by hand.  All forms are in the process of becoming interactive.

Finally, we hope that you find the information available in this section helpful, and that it will assist you in becoming a better, more informed member of the management team.

Policy & Procedures Manuals

Table of Contents – Alpha by Title
AD 101 Delegation of Authority
AD 102 Advocacy Protocol
AD 103 Agency Services Equal Access and the Prohibition of Preferential Treatment
AD 104 Request for Catholic Charities Email Accounts
AD 105 – Annual Risk Prevention and Management Report
AD 106 The use of Data and the Sharing of Information with Stakeholders
CS 100 Intake Assessment
CS 105 Service Planning
CS 110 Service Plan Termination
CS 115 Case Management
CS 120 Emergency Shelter
CS 125 Psychological Services Interns
CS 130 Client Grievance Procedure
CS 140 Transitional Shelters
CS 145 Research Safeguards
CS 150 Client Confidentiality
CS 155 Reporting Grievances
CS 160 Prohibition of Corporal or Degrading Punishment
CS 165 Medication Control and Administration
CS 170 Behavior Support & Management Philosophy and Practices
HR 100 Revisions of Personnel
HR-101 Employee-Related Legal Actions
HR 180 Storage Retention Destruction of Client Records
HR 200 Employment
HR 202 Equal Employment Opportunity
HR 203 Affirmative Action Plan
HR 204 Immigration Law Compliance
HR 205 Registered Volunteers
HR 206 Recruitment_And_Hiring
HR 207 Employee_Medical_Examinations
HR 208 Employee_Regulatory_Clearances
HR 209 Hiring Relatives
HR 214 Outside Employment
HR 215 Employment Classifications
HR 216 Introductory Period
HR 217 Employment Applications
HR 218 Reference Checks
HR 219 Verification of Employment
HR 220 Personal Information Changes
HR 221 Personnel Files
HR 222 Position Transfers and Promotions
HR 225 Reinstatement and Rehires
HR 240 Independent Contractors
HR 241 Quality Assurances
HR 300 Employee Benefits
HR 301 Employee Benefits Eligibility
HR 302 Health Insurance Benefits
HR 303 Health Insurance Benefits Continuation
HR 304 Employee Assistance Program
HR 305 Flexible Spending Account
HR 310 Automatic Payroll Deposit
HR 311 Credit Union
HR 312 Tax Deferred Savings Program
HR 312 Tax Deferred Savings Program 403(b)
HR 313 Retirement Plan
HR 319 State Disability Insurance
HR 320 Long Term Disability Insurance
HR 321 Accidental Death and Dismemberment
HR 322 Group Term Life and Retiree Insurance
HR 323 Voluntary Life Insurance
HR 324 Social Security Benefits
HR 325 Unemployment Insurance
HR 326 Employee Commute Options
HR 400 Salary Administration
HR 401 Wage and Hour Practices
HR 402 Payroll Deductions
HR 403 Administrative Payroll Corrections
HR 404 Overtime
HR 405 Compensatory Time Off
HR 406 Early Distribution of Payroll Checks
HR 407 Reporting Time Pay
HR 408 Business Expense Reimbursements
HR 409 Bonuses
HR 410 Performance Evaluations
HR 411 Pay Range
HR 412 Merit Increase
HR 414 Promotion
HR 415 Lateral Transfer
HR 416 Demotion
HR 430 Garnishments
HR 500 Employee Conduct and Work Rules
HR 501 Attendance and Punctuality
HR 502 Personal Appearance
HR 503 Discrimination and or Harassment
HR 504 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
HR 506 Telephone and Voice Mail
HR 507 Equipment, Furniture
HR 508 United States Mail, Inter Intra-Office Mail, Computer and Electronic Mail Usage
HR 509 Internet Usage
HR 510 Workplace Monitoring
HR 511 Smoke Free Workplace
HR 512 Children In The Workplace
HR 513 Visitors in the Workplace
HR 514 Employee Dispute Resolution Process – Revised 12-01-17
HR 515 Progressive Discipline
HR 516 Workplace Disruptions
HR 517 Solicitation and Distribution
HR 520 Employee Relations
HR 525 Americans with Disabilities Act
HR 530 Business Ethics and Conduct
HR 531 Statement of Ethical Norms
HR 532 Nondisclosure of Confidential Information
HR 533 Conflict of Interest
HR 534 Whistleblower Protection Policy
HR 535 Subpoenas
HR 536 Personnel Satisfaction and Retention
HR 537 Personnel Supervision
HR 600 Injury, Illness and Loss Prevention
HR 601 Injuries at Work
HR 603 Emergency Work Site Closing
HR 604 Prevention of Workplace Violence
HR 609 Safety of Personnel Working
HR 610 Safety Inspections
HR 611 Tuberculosis Skin Test for Shelter Residential Services
HR 612 Control of Bloodborne Pathogens
HR 613 Physical Exams for Shelters & Food Handlers
HR 614 Life Threatening Illness
HR 615 CPR/First Aid Training Certification
HR 620 Licensing and Permits
HR 630 Vehicle Accidents
HR 700 Leave of Absence
HR 701 Medical Leave of Absence
HR 702 Pregnancy-Related Leave of Absence
HR 703 Family Leave of Absence
HR 704 Educational Leave of Absence
HR 705 Military Leave of Absence
HR 706 Unpaid Personal Leave of Absence
HR 710 Vacation Time Benefits
HR 711 Holidays
HR 712 Sick Time
HR 713 Bereavement Time Off
HR 714 Jury Duty
HR 715 Witness Duty
HR 716 Time Off to Vote
HR 800 Staff Development
HR 900 Termination of Employment
RD 100 Procedures for Internal Processing


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