Who We Are

Our Mission

Employment Support Partnership (ESP) is committed to providing stability, hope, and dignity to vulnerable populations within our community.

Our Vision

With God’s grace, Employment Support Partnership pledges to provide the vulnerable a pathway to a better life.

Meet The Team

Since 1983, Employment Support Partnership (formerly Central Intake Unit) has provided a wide variety of social and case management services to thousands of low income individuals, primarily refugees, immigrants and trafficking survivors. With a focus on participant strengths, ESP supports individuals as they acclimate to life in the U.S. and ultimately achieve economic self sufficiency.


Tirsa Chavez

REAS Case Manager

Tirsa Chavez comes to the role of Case Manager following her years of experience working at a microfinance network which is part of World Vision International, a humanitarian aid, development and advocacy organization. She also worked has with the Business Source Centers in Los Angeles, assisting small business owners. She enjoys interacting with the many diverse communities in California and speaks Spanish.  She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Geological science at the University of California, Santa Barbara.



Aya Khaleefah

REAS Case Manager

With educational background in leadership, management and business psychology and practical experience in refugee work internationally across different countries I bring my experience and passion to the table, aspiring to help others the best I could sharing motivation and drive towards a better life where we cooperatively work together



Johanna Hernandez

REAS Case Manager

Johanna Hernandez is a first-generation graduate, earning her Bachelors in Sociology from California State University, Northridge. Johanna is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology: Marriage and Family Therapy at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Johanna is Bilingual in both English and Spanish, which allows her to bridge the language barrier for Spanish monolingual speakers by connecting them to social services. Johanna has extensive experience working with immigrant refugees. She has worked with the reunification of unaccompanied immigrant children detained by UCIS. Johanna is passionate about mental health, immigrant rights and social services.



Kristine Rshtuni

REAS Case Manager

Kristine Rshtuni earned her BAs in Political Science and as an English Language Teacher in Armenia. She has had an extensive experience in translation, interpretation, education and working with people of different ages, educational and cultural background. She also has experience of work in social services. 



Luisa Fernandez

REAS Case Manager

Ms. Fernandez has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Applied Science Erfurt, Germany. She’s Spanish native speaker and speaks fluent German and English. Ms. Fernandez has 7+years experience assisting people in need improving lives and exceeding goals through assessments, social services, and employment counseling. She works effectively with people of diverse cultural, educational, economic and social backgrounds.


Mojgan Varzandeh

REAS Case Manager

Ms.Varzandeh works as a REAS Case Manager. She speaks, reads and writes fluent Farsi, has a BA in Finacial Analysis from CSUN. Ms.Varzandeh is passionate to help the new immigrants to find their destination through education or finding a job to start a new life in their new home. Her responsibilities will include explanation the eligibilities of participants in the program, handling intake paperwork, and follow up with them until they are getting their path.


Olha Panova

REAS Case Manager

Olha graduated from a Ukrainian University with a BA degree in Management. She has experience to help people in customer services; she would like to support improving other people’s life based on her own experience as a refugee.


Tamara Grigoryan

REAS Case Manager

Tamara Grigoryan earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Accounting from California State University, Los Angeles. She was a Transitional Subsidized Employee through Catholic Charities of Los Angeles. Now Tamara is working as a Case Manager, and ready to assists refugees to adjust and adapt to the American Workplace. She speaks, reads and writes English, Armenian and Russian, and have a 10+ years of customer services experience.

Anait Yehiazarian

REAS Case Manager

Anait Yehiazarian has a Master’s degree in International Relations department.  She speaks 4 languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian and English. Anait worked as a Transitional Subsidized Employee, she is familiar with the program and all procedures with people, who need assistance with adaptation, childcare, employment, studying. She has an experience in communications with clients from different countries with wide cultural, educational, language features.


Anush Sargsian

REAS Employment Developer/Coach

Anush Sargsian worked as a Transitional Subsidized Employee and ready to provide her help for clients who need support in job search and self-development and assist them in Russian, Armenian and English.


Anush Shahverdyan

REAS Supervisor

Anush Shahverdyan brings extensive experience in international development, education reforms, workforce development, and program management. She is also adept at collaborating with government entities, partners, and stakeholders to achieve shared goals. Anush is committed to contributing to the positive change in people’s lives. In addition to her professional experience, for years, she volunteered for the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and their skills building. Witnessing the tangible results of her efforts has been the highest professional satisfaction to her. Anush has been a recipient of numerous awards, including the International Alumni Award at Kent State University, the Manoukian Public Service Fellowship with the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and others. Anush has a Bachelor’s degree from Armenia and a Master’s degree in Education Administration and Organization Development from Kent State University, USA.  


Lilit Manasyan

Business Services Manager

Ms. Manasyan was a former Transitional Subsidized Employee through Catholic Charities of Los Angeles. She is familiar with the program and is dedicated to assisting low income, limited English speakers with job readiness skills and job placement support. She works in the following Catholic Charities employment programs: CSBG/CARES Job Services and Transitional Subsidized Employment.


Hennesey Rodriguez

Client Resource Coordinator III

Ms. Rodriguez works in client services assisting Spanish-speaking immigrant and trafficking victims. She speaks, reads and writes fluent Spanish, has a BA Psychology degree from CUNY York College. Ms. Rodriguez is passionate about advocating for those who have not found their voices and her responsibilities will include handling intake paperwork, casework responsibilities and hosting workshops for the TVAP/Aspire, ESAVN and ISAP programs.


Jamie DeRose

Program Director

Mr. DeRose earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Marketing from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. Mr. DeRose has 30 years of experience in account and program management, 10 of which have been with Catholic Charities. He has worked with a number of different socio and economically diverse communities during his time with Catholic Charities.


Advisory Committee

Currently under development.

Employment Support Partnership  —  Please call (213) 318-5723 or email us for more information.

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